Art Soup!

Listen up! About to drop some knowledge- for all the linguist collages, you are a unifying force. For all your small success, you’re my workhorse of inspiration.

Out of bed! This barrage of panic ain’t gonna assault itself. It needs your help to place all its faults on you. Its guilt trip, cryptic messages in art soup, alphabets floating to the top! 

Get out of my head, but don’t stay out too late, call to let us know you’re safe (OK there, Mom). 

I’m a leper of letters treading tomato water, weaving brand new narratives through their careless drift.

But the liquid lifts my thoughts to the lips of burnt tongues, growling stomachs equipped for destinations which splash. 

So listen up! Here’s a sandwiched opinion and a glass of gentle encouragement, strawberry coloured juice.

There’s a story here that makes good use of your appetite for life.


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