Time Travel in an Age of Stasis

Free Verse ReVolution

Our journey begins at the end of the world,
circa nineteen ninety

A nine year old boy watches his mother
her husband walk,
talking heads
on TV
forecasting shit storms.

He talks down
imaginary friends from running
away again,
and plays with
his siblings when they
ultimately refuse to

Before technological
advances that allowed him
a dance with
time travel,
watching daffodils
live seconds and
castles age a
century in

even rain took
forever to
ripple on

The story continues to suburbia,
circa the time we were
a generation of
entitlement by those who
raised us.

A boy of fourteen
told he’ll
be nothing if not
a dream gone to waste,
should you
deviate from the
almighty dollar.

But he forwards
another ten,
through lost loves and dead friends,
a believer in nothing born again;
every notebook
the years allowed
broken spines…

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