Sun Damaged (2014)

Isn’t it difficult to
forget the days

before unrepentant
strands of early grey,
way before a sun
damaged smile reluctantly took
her inner
twenty year
old’s place;

the creases of a
decades-long wait
she waited
for you

to be more than
a boy in leather
jackets with
a pointless
high to chase;

for her man
to break from
that fear of
himself and
love her longer than
a short summer because around
these lonely parts,

even Hell is only
hot enough to sustain life
six months out
of every year.

taken home by someone,
who noticed her

unloved at
restaurant tables,

tracing lines over old,
illegible fonts,

wondering what
was playing on
the cable box
at home.

To this day
her ghost is
most potent among
phoning my conscience
any given midnight;

a sun damaged
bride to what might
have been.


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