There’s no easy way to say this;

if love had preauthorized payments,
the price might not be so high.

But I keep on smoking
whatever it takes to make you


Body buzz of bruises, welts and cuts.

There are butterflies in my gut, their wings flapped like razors, ulcers in the cocoon.

I’m head over heels for new moons, a lewd eclipse;

but my skin is sunkissed by your lips,
and my words are loose.

Heartfelt promises are dirty tricks, and I fell


3 thoughts on “Id

  1. Sometimes, even though we know that we’re involved with someone we have no business being around, we still can’t help ourselves, it’s, this sort, of, a dangerous kind of fatal attraction we put ourselves in, by falling for those we shouldn’t be falling for in the first place, that ends up screwing ourselves over.


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