Today, We Heard the News

Today we heard the news,
of our co-accused facing
summary convictions,
speaking out against a
certain narrative.

Tonight, you cried yourself to sleep with
carrot on a stick
scenarios, carrying over threes to make it all
add the hell up.

Today we learned something, that even
hope is a drug and the
addictions that sing
are but
cigarette smoke on the breath of the
next big thing.

Today we got the message, that not stepping up is to
our ultimate detriment;

in a game of jokers, someone is
always playing for king.

And should I abandon this
star-crossed fling with
freedom of thought,
guide me back to her or
see to it
I’m shot between the eyes,
made to pay for
poly syllable crimes of
while censorship’s minions attempt to
discredit each line.

Fashionable decline always rips into
moral fabric,





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