Tower Pt II

’cause when we

reign, we’re poor,
a skyscraper metaphor

Demolition attached
itself to ascent,
and before I ever felt the
steel beams bend or snap,
I had secured
the consent of twelve city
blocks to rock
their foundations and send
smoke plumes through their

’cause we reign
but we’re not
responsible for
the aftermaths,
feats of
engineering and
their violent

collaterally damaged
facts on
the ground.

All we care about is
levelling arithmetic if obstruction can’t
horizons surrounding
be damned.

I am a man
but also a tower
and the sound of me coming down will be
louder than anything
you think will
compete for first light’s favour.

’cause when
it rains in shockwaves, we behave as
gravity taught us,

standing at the
ground zero of


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