Approximately Opposite You

Haven’t brought myself to acknowledge the most obvious of odes; 

to you being there and 
my being unknown. 

Obnoxious as an understatement unaffiliated with clothes of the argument, written as a statement of bare skin. 

I held onto octaves, afraid once autonomous, they would wear my smile like you did, 

and I would be here, 
approximately opposite you;

Andromeda to your Earth, taste of rock 
bottom just to 
balance your worth.

Inertia of certainty, 
stillborn pheonix, 
but if fires don’t resurrect the beasts of darkness,

cold will want 
a word with me.

Thus, you may remain and though I venture near you, we’re still
light years apart, in body
and heart,
appearing stars
to the other.

Under midnight skies to young lovers, one
and many thousands more.


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