The Itinerary

Free Verse ReVolution

Spin the plastic globe, an atlas you feel all
alone in

Hover over melting
poles before you
are too old to
recall how
grand they were,

nestled into extremes the sun’s
rays learned to

Land in this neighbourhood and I’ll teach you
the good in never

Unravel maps of
what’s possible on
your bedroom floor
and let’s
plan adventures
worth squinting at

parallels and into
river deltas no cartographer deemed
worth the name.

Because home is worth an
edit if
the real estate inspires
your unrest.

All the rest is
window dress with daydream

Where’s the
safety in a sanctuary if you are
merely its guest?

Take three
deep breaths.

Let your index finger
show you
where your heart is bound to
land in
this spinning
dance with vague directions.

God knows my
better half has jettisoned me
into worse; and…

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