The Plagiarist 

I wrote these words so you could steal them, find out what appeals to them because they cannot escape me fast enough.

It’s amazing the blood that spills from a single scratch, waterfalls my stolen breath just can’t catch but I’m attached, dammit, both to my life force and gravity attracted to it when 

your little knives permit.

I devised this denoument you can format in Comic Sans and rebrand yours; unshakeable lore, the senseless wars in hindsight. 

Something better than tattered love letters to keep you up all night.

I’ll try to stay with you but my time on this plane is finite, 

luxury I can’t afford. 

And when your ego’s so engorged two legs don’t support it, I hope you can divorce the ugly truth from beauty still,

cultivate darlings 
to kill from 
a place of love.

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