Better Men Than Me

Better men than me,
more handsome,
less prone to emotions holding
him ransom;

who remember you have phantoms too,
and know where to find
your sun when skies have
been grey for days.

Better men than me
would hug you without motive,
learn to ignore the roaches that rope around
the floorboards, be gone from

backwater to begin with.

Better men than me could
offer you more than
doors off their hinges and general
lack of interest

in going back to what we were,

masters in someone else’s

For all my faults,
I was never meant to fix,
but nurture, and vice
versa for her.

Better men than me would
always keep their word,
and you’d endure nothing but
feeling blessed,

picture-perfect life according to
the Internet, and how beautiful your
children would

You are this
to me,
a materializing
in less than fairy tale

Chances are, there
would have been
dragons anyway.






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