My Baby You’ll Always Be

Children of divorce imagine
wars on
though actually,
we were better off as
blanket statements.

That history is
ancient now,
somewhat cantankerous, and right
where I anchored it,
my inner vagrant

Dad, never
worth his parental
mettle, bet against us and there’s
a husk of humanity where his
presence ain’t, vanity in lieu of
empathy delivered
too late.

I don’t hate, just telling stories;
bout my Momma, and all the trauma it
took to play both roles,
constantly courting
a dark horse;
while I was smoking pot on
my front porch, she was folding laundry,
one-woman economy trying to hold
down the fort.

Gallows humour was
a uniting force,
self-medication par
for the

(love you forever,
like you for always)

Now I wield all her wars to
play warden
to my own,
little girl
I adore to the
moon and back,
which she tells me looks like

(long as I’m living, my
baby you’ll always be)

For lack of better
words, thank you for the better man
you inspired in me,
and sorry for all
your totaled dreams,
midnight visits from
the police, stolen liquor and
curse words you hadn’t fathomed earlier.

We speak of heritage but there
was only her, trying to wrangle me into
some sense of direction.

Never steering toward
it could have ended so
much worse.


4 thoughts on “My Baby You’ll Always Be

  1. Divorces don’t just impact the two adults, it also have a profound impact on the children, and, it’s the children, who will forever, suffer the consequences of their parent’ divorce for the rest of their lives.

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