Money & Things that Kill You

Emotional revenue at logic’s expense; blockbuster special effects dubbed over desperation, 

projecting mayhem, screaming depraved.

Decency’s doppelgangers conveniently estranged, and the narrative’s anger falls short of harvest, 

rationalizing rain. 

But this train’s on set course, lest it grow wings and derail gracefully. Failing that, least tracks should contain the cars, engines of self-harm guiding it parallel to spiral

senses of vengeance gone viral, no stories of survival 

endear them to us or vice versa. 

In terms of an us versus them, friends in theory but Internet adversaries, it has no bearing on finding middle ground.

We are one, we are proud and if we go down on the scales of Rome, no anonymous argument will atone for the

human fallout.

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