Elope with Me

We stopped at the corner store for smokes,
rolling papers and
a couple cans of Coke,
abandoning bicycles with
bent spokes by
the door.

The cashier let it slide when we were too
poor to pay
the bill, told us to
come back tomorrow before eleven a.m.

We’d be a county away by then
but I’d send change
in the mail.

Fly away like hunted quail,
avoid wanderlust’s more
populous trails, reminders how
we failed to adapt
to gunshots.

We drove all night to where the sun comes up,
posting selfies for no one in
particular to
except your
dad ’cause
I’m stealing his daughter with
origami maps and
papier mache vows.

If you want to lie beneath the stars after,
two newlywed nomads, I won’t be mad because you
were made for me.

Think of the tall grass as
our own little town, citronella
and the whole
world becomes the house we built
in the middle.

Little rough around the edges but we
can make it liveable.

May not be official,
but if there were an apex to

you’re it;

and now, my
intrinsical muse,
a nickel for your thoughts,

(IOU of course, citing the
clerk from
a past life, least we left
him our bike, am I right?)

Not everything
gambled means something’s

I want to marry you tonight.


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