Waking Up In Strange Places ft. Sara Khayat

Free Verse ReVolution

If there’s one thing you can rely on me for,
it’s my ability
to start a fire
on these pages of this
nervous novel
written in a
perspective riddled
by climax.

Tumours feed on the
tissue of paragraphs
that formerly
in cracks and holes,
tease plausibility’s tension in
making mindless attempts
to love

It’s a story no one sees when they
ask how you’ve been or how you’ve been

But there we are,

braindead on your bed again,
as I talk about the sail boats
I see in the ceiling,

feeling like
a family of
fireflies who
learn to fly
before they can
only to
become specks in an
avalanche that ends in
a whimper.

You continue smoking that
bowl until it is

Come daybreak, we’ve given
syringes namesakes,
trading garter snakes for

And it’s sick how we need this
death grip to…

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