Bringing Out the Debt

If you want to talk about what I owe, how little I’ll own after I’ve chosen moral bankruptcy;

watching security rupture,
futures tread like punctured rubber on the tarmac of my worth,

enough berth for air planes lined up
wing to wing to
stick a poor man’s landing.

Clandestinely altering
the course of destiny has robbed
me of the shirt once
given away, and the
nonsense of names begifted
to advancing downward like

train cars in
free fall are added onto sticks

If you want to know
what I think this debtload entails,
other mortgaging oneself for
it’s a crooked fallacy, shooting gallery
of unavailable targets.

In plain words, sick.


One thought on “Bringing Out the Debt

  1. There are just so many immoral things happening all across the world right now that it’s so hard for people to cope with, yet, sometimes, we’d chosen to turn a blind eye, because we’re overloaded with all of these FACTS that we can’t bare to ignore…

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