Take Me Home

Listening to “Closing Time”
ironically playing above
the bar,
how our standards have
fallen from the floor they
first crawled

how the answers grew fewer to
more populous questions, and from
the suburbs of ambiguity,
we’re hardly
destined to
beautify the broken glass
drunkards smash post-
last call.

I don’t know who I want to take me home,
but it’s not
you, at all.

I wanted solutions and
you were interested
in finding fault, whole
highways ahead
of us coming
to a screeching halt.

I won’t let you take the keys away,
no, so let’s keep kissing in this
roadhouse brawl
because you
only live once and I want to find a
lost slipper at this fairy tale ball,

a girl whose drawl I will never
want again;
who lets me watch our future
dissipate like blood

I want to drive us
off the edge while it can
called a cliff,
need the adrenaline of
dying in line for a
bathroom stall.

I hear “Closing Time” end,
and my ragdoll heart goes

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