a valentine’s message

Love is poetry
and poetry
is life.

I have written about so many different topics over the years, but love is the most prevalent of them, the most enduring. And while the form regularly becomes saturated in sentiment, love poems are somewhat of a paradox. They are the easiest to write, but the hardest to master. Love is often singular and subjective, far as universal emotions go. We all feel it. We all want or lament it on some level. But love can be political as it is pure, and on days like today, we ought to celebrate it for bringing out the best of us.

Love has no qualifiers, no prerequisites. It can be instant or earned, and transcends our physical limitations. It doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, age or orientation. It is both fleeting and everlasting, and as artists, writers and poets, seeking to capture moments of our time, it’s the gateway to inspiration.

Whatever tangents I may embark on, I always come back to love, because it’s the foundation of my artistic endeavours, and should be no less than revered.

Love is love is love is love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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