A Crumpled Valentine

Free Verse ReVolution


I’m terrible,
honestly, at following

my emotions are
all Tetris blocks,
clusterfuck of
awkward shapes filling up
to the top of my capacity to

process what we are

as outsiders preempt us
last-ditch attempts to
call the shots.

But I want to
return the sentiment
you show me, proving I don’t
have to accept
loneliness to
have my bearings;

with you,
it’s not so embarrassing to
admit I’m lost deep
in thought.

Here. I bought
this card for you at the
corner. I’m too poor to buy
more than pasta
and rice, let
alone roses.

It got a bit bent
out of shape
on the way to you,

but it will
always bear my
hand-chosen brand of

I love you
with all my
crumpled heart, as you
unfold it

in slow motion.

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