The Only Hello

Like dogs barking in downpour
I can’t imagine you’ll
notice me gone; after all,
it barely registers
when I talk, with
no shortage of sounds
escaping diaphragms.

First a boy
emasculating daisies, she loves me


I awoke a man with
a half-machine

unable to make art of awkward feelings.

So I write them
on the ceiling, repeat in a book;
writing cursive with shadow, giving
darkness its hook.

I write about the
simple things, because
that’s all it took to love you, but that
was the part I
could not look square in
the eyes,
and say goodbye,

I only wanted to
feign hello.

I tried
to write it in prose, she loves me
not (you goddamned
but the
execution’s botched.

She might want me someday,
and this
poem is
all I’ve got.

Hello, again, I’m
not ever going to change.


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