“Men in Paper Coats”Homepage; Introduction Added

My seventh anthology is here, released first as a free read on this site. Navigate from the homepage (posts may be slightly out of order), or choose from the table of contents. More information about the physical edition will be posted as it’s available.

Table of Contents

Killing Men to Make Your Living (Excerpt)
Zen Dolls
Man of Paper Coats
The Night Child
Anxieties of an Exploding Man
The Future’s a Gemini
Beautiful Hell


At first glance, this is a collection about the election of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. At first glance, this is about the millions of American citizens who voted for him, and the death of political correctness their voices espouse.

I don’t blame you for arriving at such a conclusion. These eleven poems certainly started out that way.

But the truth of MiPC goes much deeper. It is about the decades of opposition on both sides of the aisle, about disenfranchisement from the establishment and quiet revolt against the post World War II realpolitik, which led to this point in history. The institutions have failed the very people they were constructed to serve.

One could actually argue they were never there to serve, however, rather control; but then we get into glass half-full scenarios.

Events like Brexit and Trump’s election, two things thought impossible, ultimately reaped from this level of public cynicism. The media, bought and paid for, exacerbates and exploits it.

So, as a Canadian thirty-something with no constitutional say in America’s future, should I really be writing about Donald Trump?

Well…..yes and no. See the paragraph above for the no, with one amendment- everything that happens south of our border affects our society one way or another. Manufacturing. Terrorism. Oil.

Yes, because it’s part of a larger trend occurring across the Western world. Nobody expected Britain to actually separate, like a certain province in my own country threatens at regular intervals, but they did. Nobody expected the Democrats to implode the way they did, and Trump to rise to power. Not seriously, anyway. But he did.

And like a crying child in a room of narcissistic adults, Syria, which led to mass displacement of millions whom flocked toward our side of civilization. Syria, the culmination of interventionist foreign policy, poster child of revolt against the New World Order.

Most of the post WW-II era has consisted of feigned peace; proxy wars popped up as a way of letting the superpowers blow off steam, but it’s all bullshit, because no one is really interested in talking out the issues. It just devolves into dick-measuring.

I was more interested in the sum of all these parts than the whole, and that’s how this anthology came to be. It is not about the event, but the conditions that led to it. It is about the wedge driven between all of us, because we’re taught (or shown) to fear (or hate) those unlike us, those we don’t understand. In more prosperous times, we could probably overcome it. But in an us-versus-them time, feigned peace is probably the best one could hope for.

Then again, sometimes it’s best just to let paper burn.








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