Beautiful Hell

I am a demon with the best intentions,
keeping tenuous alliances with
my fellow spawn.

I watch the sun rise every dawn
in a land of fire, Eden’s pyres smouldering
the distance.

I haven’t seen night the way one fears dark;
I haven’t watched the moon without an eclipse shadowing my heart.

My father is a Lucifer, oh
mother, eldest of the
eternally damned.

In a lineage that spans centuries and moments,
eras and interpretations, I’m taken by
a beautiful hell, into places I’ve never felt the
Fahrenheits reach us.

I am a monster with more words than
paper coat
could not teach.

But I believe heat does more
than scorch, it can warm;
like a torque that inches
subzero misery toward
returning nerves.

I am a son to
evil incarnate but
heard he’s largely harmless,
misunderstood artist
making waves.

I am a monster
but I try to be brave,

for someday there may only
be monsters and I’ll need
to be saved from

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Hell

  1. One of the most beautiful poems I’ve read, honestly. Thank you for sharing. It’s so important that we come to understand psychosis from a personal perspective. I have just published an article about schizophrenia – perhaps you’d like to have a read 🙂


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