Love Alone Won’t Save You, Love

It was picture perfect,
worth all the worship one could bestow.

It was a tourniquet while we figured out why
blood wants to escape
places it goes to be warmest.

It built churches for when
we had lost our religion, and
hands fidgeted between the pews.

But love alone doesn’t save you, love.

It takes faith the fruits of
our labour will grow when
fields of fucks are
barren, comparisons spewed between
each row.

It takes two to know there’s no
holy Grail,
no master fix or

It’s the fact we chose to,
every single time,
embrace the highs,
mitigate the lows.

No, love alone won’t save
but it’s by no
means a something broken,

merely half a twosome,
damsel to compassion’s knight.

You set my soul alight with twin fires.


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