Give It Hell

Free Verse ReVolution

You want to know what
happens next. I completely

given we’ve
reached the apex of our

But now you’ve gone and
got me
fired up.

I’m too addicted to
the rush
I get

on their
collective head.

I’m one self-medicated mess in the most blessed of senses, junkie selling his soul for that precious, daily fix. The cravings hit me like bricks, from trembling hands to facial ticks, and I’m sick to my stomach,

kissing a floor
and taking

But I don’t know
how to live any
other way,

without the nausea that
accompanies the
start of a
brand new day.

I just wake and vow

to give it
hell, give
hell, just
give it hell and everything,
I tell myself,

will be okay.

So let’s
fuck shit up together,
and like a falling feather
we’ll weather
the descent
with some grace intact.

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