The Love Installation

There’s no user guide to explain
the years we’ll spend
trying to assemble
the nuts and bolts
of something that should be beautiful
either ’til the end of time or ’til
arson’s a better asthetic

(hey baby, it
your eyes).

Were there a foldout for love’s many

(ambiguous terms &
conditions aside)

the illustrations applied
would build a desk upon with which

blueprints for
a house built where emptiness

Downloaded to the spine of
everything we’ve been,
new software begins to
alter the whims to
which you’ve
been known to falter and
I’ve been prone to splinter
when the hammers in

our heads unite.

If there were a visual reference,
a binary code to kickstart
altruism enough;
some kind of
love installation,
file-shared lightbulbs,

please insert the next disc;

I’m tired of losing all these
nights to
something so
straightforward as this.


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