the goodbye atlas

Do you feel down on your luck,
enamoured with wool-gather that
will never return love?

Are you out there,
tired of giving a whatever you
formerly pledged to give;

It’s all habit now, isn’t it?

The compromises,
long-swallowed surprises, setbacks and
incognito lessons of
failed enterprise,
downsized ambitions and
demobilised dreams,
lost in the steam where
there should have been

a flood.

I hope this poem will
be enough that you
can spot
the sea,
see the water take another way.

There may come a day it rains,
soaks you in its wrath for rays,

naming you a river for

all the lakes, to rage into
the yonder.

After all, death’s
cheated in
stranger ways.

But I’m stronger anonymous,
I’ll let you chase the ocean,

You’re powerful for
the both of us, and I belong here,
unbroken among mists.

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