A Girl and Her Manticore

There’s something alien about love;
in this horror story of humdrum compulsions,
we find the full sum redemption in
only one.

There’s a monster in
all of us,
and a human infatuated with its protection.

A girl and
her manticore,  gentle giant.

Sacrilege to lions,
her naive defiance abhorred by natural orders,
and hunt down the mutant,
they will.

Proclaiming herself
collateral damage should the beast come to harm,
her father and farmhands lower their weapons, the
intent to kill;

allow her friend’s escape.

How, in this storm you can’t see for miles,
can the love of a child emancipate the climax,
one small act away from sad fables,
change the course of fate?

Events that led
here all sound so
second rate.






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