Holiday Lottery

If I play my numbers correctly
this storybook perplexity
thought provoking as it is vexing
would be contextually even,

monoxides expelled to make
space for air.

I just wan’t prepared
to reward
despair with
affection, and in an
over correction,
I may have

But there’s still something fanciful
at financial bottoms,
a wealth we’ve been
weary to embrace;
austere attraction but soulful as the
day it

We’re the one-per
centers of long-lost
love letters, indentured
servants of sentiment,
although to
our detriment,

the pay is poor, the hours long.

I’ll work forever on
this paper-bound song
because the real lottery was always
ours to lose,
a game of chance with
something to prove.

If I play this ticket right,
my life will
forever be
enriched standing beside you.

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