Saved you a seat on this shipwreck,
its maiden voyage
across my Arctic heart.

You see glaciers part
ways with ocean, imagine frozen
kisses on your fingertips;
you could probably
spin a yarn how
it came to personify a rock which
rips through hulls, sinks
us into
the salts,
but you haven’t mulled the miles
subsurface I’ve travelled
with cursed seas.

You don’t know what
attachment this
weight might
have to me.

Emotional baggage
of behemoth
dreams to
be a continent drifting out in
waters, carrying a
doctorate at all depths.

You wonder why I wander,
leaving storm clouds as foot

a flotilla
forgotten like
downtrodden debris.

But I’m no mere chunk of ice

simply because there’s
a landmass
under me.

Coral reef of crisis
collecting shipwrecks of vice,
men chasing their
price in
apathy’s playground.

I am feet to the tides,
shuffling by,
unwanted weight that
can’t be drowned.

It’s all too heavy to
leave behind
me now.


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