1st Post Thirty (2015)

You’ve come so far with
that tinkering heart
it’s a wonder
mechanical scars ain’t

Chapter and verse,
we were all
but written off.

We clotted
the gears
lurking in our will
to go on,

tired of
their lurching through
each revolution of
basic thought.

we rocked it, boys, some
questionable choices made

In the footsteps of old
fuck-ups we
coined an
lucid as
any sense of self destruction.

Some friends fell along the
way and
love them with
all my robot heart.

But that arc has ended, another
older but
younger being
free of the
hunger for
a smoking gun to
live by.

Even if I tried, I couldn’t
aim now to save
my life but

I’ll always be there to
catch a bullet
for you.



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