The Election of Anger (Update)

Like so many,
I’ve built a wall

between urban
apathy and first
amendment assault;

a slum we were told to
call home
but don’t,

ghettos we cope with but
wouldn’t miss if
arson was

And this battle for
the city of our soul
began as a


all that
held us together

while the locksmiths
of our livelihoods turned

many ways to
secure a prison.

But now
doors are kicked in,
reason blown off its hinges

monsters of mutiny aligned.

The election of anger
burning star
spangled banners begins
but this is kinship,
the rhythmic sense of hellish

two agents of chaos
trying to
tell us how the
devil’s name is

This is how old
empires fell
and how ours will,
be compelled to

6 thoughts on “The Election of Anger (Update)

    1. In the original version, I singled out Trump, but revised it now to bring both candidates under equal scrutiny. That was the aim, anyway. They are both sour candidates, and the American people lose either way, in my opinion.

      Now I’m not American, but post-Brexit, I feel like outsiders can feel the winds of democratic disenfranchisement as well. But neither did I want to speak in any sort of way that implied I had a say in it.


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      1. As an American it rings to exactly how I feel going to the polls tomorrow. I would never vote for Hillary, if she wasn’t running against a lunatic. Despite being the only real chance for a woman to gain office, I lost respect for Hillary long ago. In this lose-lose scenario I am at a loss. I can’t in good consciousness throw my vote to the Green Party (as I would do when I normally don’t line up with the Dems) and risk our leader treating other world leaders like an episode of the Apprentice. I was hoping you would have a good solution, like anarchy and be willing to lead the army….

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      2. I don’t anticipate armed revolution, though it is possible some idiots might try and start one themselves.

        No one ever said democracy was always dolled up. Good luck tomorrow.

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      3. Yes, violence is never the answer (so says this pacifist) Does anarchy have to be violent? A peaceful revolt against our government would be nice. I was thinking ensuing chaos by other means.

        We are going to need all the luck we can get.

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