the daydream dungeon

Distant places
(alluring as they
are abrasive)
augment my
absence here.

Kaleidoscope’s fearsome rays bury in my skin and call it a day; mindfucking prayers I never could spare, even on behalf of those whom I keep.

Sweeping panic like a broom in dances with aloof particles, an absent-minded arsenal of fairy tales austere, paper castles built without compare.

It was
there that you found
me, in a daydream dungeon,
beckoned I climb the ramparts, lay
eyes on somethin’
other than

Another side
of my home,
warmed by first light and keeping guard over

paper castles built upon
Styrofoam fields, without
the youth to work
their yields.

I chose to again be
concealed inside,
for fear of outside crumbling.

And now my keep has folded, steered into the
under foreign beasts who cheat their footing over

the birds of death are all around.


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