Hivemind of Love

When I was human, potential full bloom; only lacking in acumen what I made of empty rooms;

when I was sentient, prior to impediments embraced
decades too soon,
before we learned to love
a tracks of blues at our feet
and rock records that
skipped too
many times per song
although we sang along to each
perfect one;

when I was corporeal, boy with a quarreled form,
I watched something terrible
borne between us,
happening too fast to warn you
and it swarmed you,

a hivemind of love.

When we were one, I knew it could become only a victim
of systemic cuts,

as the metaphorical rug gave way
to spike cellar.

when I was human, philosophical truant,
life without you was art I
didn’t dare paint,
but now, my patron
I’ve lost that little humility,
inherited a villainy of
violet wastes.

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