Free Verse ReVolution

Future photograph, blank Polaroid.

Like the face of a young boy,
true colours not grown in yet.

And I’ve searched
this goldmine, of
the stupid and
to probe what kind
of man I’d eventually be.

You see his
mother’s salvation in
the time she has
taken to teach him,
but also an
agent of her
aspiration’s opposites as she
plants a kiss on
chewing cheeks.

You see his father’s face
at birthday parties though he
doesn’t exist;
background bottles of
Bacardi that
double for her happiness.

Trinkets he in-
herits when
the cancers of her

When the colours set,
in times of higher resolution,
from black and white to
sepia revolution to
faded and
dated and folded and

it always saw the good;

amnesty for my inner child
before it grew up
foul-mouthed and vile
fueled by the trials of
creative sepsis.

Polaroid is consensus…

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