My First Poem (2014)

Free Verse ReVolution

My first poem is faint now, like a quaint town on the horizon. Single syllabic houses barely held in one piece mash against their neighbours’ colours like Christmas lights suffering from multiple personalities.

Their sentences seize
with an epileptic
quality, like a mime
in his prime sweet-
talking foreign policy.

How to deal with surrounding towns that frown upon our tumbleweeds, its citizens ask, how can we ever separate their facts from fiction?

Are we blights on
a landscape of
heresy and

Is there a single
soul in this
desert dystopia who will
ever stop to
listen to our origins?

With all the rain rolling in to calm the wildfires, which of you should sire a saviour in this toxic environment to build us an empire of remorseless kings?

Whose children will
be loyal and
whose offspring will


My first poem sought to
find fault on
either side…

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