Summer Poem

Free Verse ReVolution

I’ve got sand in the shoes
of my

Kinda lost it there a while,
what with all
the wishful thinking,

whimsically tinkering with
shirtless hurt and wandering
unsure of where
their work songs lead.

But it’s Friday night and I’ve got a whole
week’s worth of dreams to
little labours worth the
means to their
and byproducts sweating into the art of

getting by.

I could go blind
but my appetite for
this beauty ain’t ever
satiated- and coming
from a second
rate spectator of
this world and its

it alleviates

(Some may see that as
a curse.

I call it duty.

Some regard it as a

I say that’s lunacy.)

But I’ll wine you and dine
you ’til autumn and
even when
winter rears its sub
zero head.

Take your
heat waves and talk
them down;

look your
blizzards in…

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