you used to
tell of stories that didn’t end but
just dropped off,

of windows
into lives so much
like yours or mine,

open and shut.

ordinary heroes
called to a cause,
no power but what
their two hands
could lift.

you used to
read me adventures of famous
make me
there was
little to be forgiven for
their sins.

the good guys win and evil’s
kicked to curbs,
of dashing
rogues and thinly
veiled villains,

black and white as
eternal darkness
and daylight,

no room for greys between.

Not like the gold standard
could become
a symbol of

Not like architects can’t
engineer their

building for the heavens above.

Not like love can’t inspire
envy, or explosions
between us inspire stable

You taught me
to be read to
in absolutes,

so that when it
came time for hard truths,

they were no more than
an assembly of


One thought on “storytellers

  1. Some of the best stories are drawn from real-life inspirations, but with fictitious elements in it, that, is what makes those stories that much more appealing, because there are truths in them that people can connect to.


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