young sluts (2013)

These pills will increase your dick size in 8 minutes. Get laid tonight with a princess. Want to cheat on your wife? Young sluts are ready to get intimate at 2 A.M., and if that doesn’t work for you,

you should try this other site.

And when my future looks bleak, I remember there’s as much porn on the internet as water in my body to scale, varying models of Daddy’s little girl up for sale.

railing coke
for credit cards,
antivirus HIV,
Nigerian kings
requesting my
wallet sing.

God, they must think I’m lonely.

4 thoughts on “young sluts (2013)

  1. sounds like you’re being solicited when you want time away, and that, is just the problem with the online world, because there’s NO way we can block out all of these soliciting messages, we just, overlook them, without realizing, that we are primary causes of why there are these messages online in the first place…


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