GENERATION WHY: Deluxe Edition Now Available [Updated]

Unabridged for the first time, “The Killing Wage” and “Generation Why” come together to form the Deluxe Edition.

Raised in the shadow of 9/11 and the Great Recession, schooled in the burden of great expectations and even greater disappointments, these 27 poems are a love letter to the endurance of a generation determined to carve out its own image, trying to make the best of a world our elders have let be run into the ground.

Generation Why was released as a free read in January, but now the commercial product is available at last.

Click here to buy a copy

Click here for Kindle

Thanks to everyone who has supported this page and the years of written work leading to it. Thank you in advance to anyone who buys this collection. It means more to my inner social justice warrior than words can ever say.

The Killing Wage Review by David Higgins

Generation Why Review by David Higgins





One thought on “GENERATION WHY: Deluxe Edition Now Available [Updated]

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    This took me a while to update, but the Amazon and Kindle links are now included, as well as links to reviews of both included anthologies.


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