opioid girl

Opioid girl, a twenty four
or easy

Schooled first
in hard knocks then
a college
of dicks.

For an
oral fix of either,
junkie girl since being a
first time buyer

Nothing left to
guide her but needles and never
you mind the holes;

I’m fighting

in valves closest to my heart
and when they open
I spill over
into old habits

I’ve had too much
practice justifying.

Heroine lady, no heroin

but the role models lately
famously meant to

burn out
faster than paint can dry.

Poster girl that patiently
awaits me
to profess my
undying love to

the same way she
adores euphoria scrawled
across her nerves

I only need you
to vault from

so that we might unlearn
the third altogether.


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