diorama of trauma

I draw you
diorama of trauma,

prima donna of Darwinian octaves

solar system models
of unsustainable drama.


you won’t hear new notes
nor discover Andromeda

but you oughta open yourself
to its
montages of
moving targets

take part in dark comedy partly
based on a true events,

a revolution of
miscommunicated common

live this
sonata of a long
sought serenity that requires
complete lack of
empathy for our
tiny violins.

move to forgive yourself for
the hells
you’ve inflicted in

because it covered
the distance between
innocence and
icon of
your own

I glued together this
saga of
nirvana lost
and nuance gained,
a religion where it always
always rains in

Come with me,
my little guttersnipe
of greatness,

we’ve all our
lives to suffer needlessly.


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