Hold Me 'Til My Heart Breaks

Free Verse ReVolution

Victims of a machine’s rhythms,
a life support system of love
and worry,
every breath and
brush with death
an ordeal that lasts for days.

Will you keep
me right side up through your
upside downs, remember I’m
lost after you’ve
been found,
send me away once
homeward bound,

give me hope
when all
you have
is doubt?

Will you hold me til
this sickness
materializes in
whatever shapes or
size it

Will you have me til
the cracks in my
stained glass heart are
finally recognized

and the semantics of
an imperfect art
are considered

Would you suggest
famine to resolve
hunger, send
me ice sheets to
cure a summer itch?

Would you flip the
kill switch if it
spared the
blooming agony;

weeds in the garden that
strangle and harden around my
apple tree,

’til the ability to breathe is
but another autumn dream?


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