Free Verse ReVolution

I am an agent of chaos that
has crossed the
sanguine streams
of time
rivers that run tints
of Bordeaux,

from tangerine
to more
morose panoramas.

I’ve taken dances
with hope, sidestepped a
slow burn
leveled whole
castles and sold
off their moats.

I’ve taken
smoke out of
one world and
made a flame in the next,
confiscated rock
bottom and made
it my apex.

I’ve transformed your
mission and made
it a jest,
stolen due
certainty and reduced
it to guess.

Planned for
the worst and made
it my best?


believe I
looked on an
art form and made it my quest.

Those sentiments aren’t
too in-sequential to make
the binary leap
of faith that’s grabbed onto
my wonder and
sent it
through the fray.

Skies under
the influence of
a cooler shade of day;
a pair of new
moons serve to
ascertain this

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