clockwork hearts

Got the rest of our lives to
wish away,
play old
feelings like piano keys,
opportunity to seize the


on finite games of chance;

ask that
first dance of auburn eyes
and per chance, entrust
my life to her.

So much
time to answer
pressing questions,
predestined places,

face impending

So many years
to watch it all pass by
and somehow seems

I’ve run out
of time to
disregard at
your expense.

All tomorrows come to
an end,
clockwork hearts
ahead of the
curve opined.

As for mine, it’s about a minute


4 thoughts on “clockwork hearts

  1. You’re consistently spare and careful with your words: as if each had a price and the cost came out of some celestial wallet we all had to look after much better. It’s grand stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

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