Life & Death Rhythm

I know I’m not an ocean but you help me be a wave so
I can swim over currents.
I know I’m not an airplane but you show me how
I’ve acquired wings.

No, I ain’t perfect
but now I’m versed in what to strive for if
I want to be crowned a king.

And know I’m not exactly ginger ale but I’ll take
care of your ailments, knock out the
assailants you stomach daily.

Know you’re my queen
and even if you plummet from your crown, I’ll bend
down to pick you up,
beautiful lady.

And failing that, when I’m too old
to swim or fly,
evolve past a point or settle your
scathing symptoms

it’s all part of the life and
death rhythm,
and I only want
to die

with you.

One thought on “Life & Death Rhythm

  1. Hello Nicholas. I’ve just been over to this blog Your Generation 2016 sounds interesting. Thanks for leaving a like on my poem for Brussels


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