The Legalization Strain

One day we’ll tell our children we were
misfits and

bright futures
pillaged for a

blind eye
turned to
the pox two doors

whose day
in court was cut
short by technicality.

One day we’ll explain
the fallacy that

in an
age of neutrality,
will seem senseless,
far as
armed conflicts go.

But their
flag will
be overthrown
and what
grows from
earth will, at last, be
for hope

(and not at

I’ve no shotgun in defense of my habits,
only a hair-trigger tongue, locked and
loaded with
the opiates of

this is not the
vision of
life I’ll have to
sell my kids.

Aren’t we
better than this?

I’ll always try to appear invincible
on principle in
their baby blues,

but don’t
have the heart to
explain 25 to life

nor do
I have strength to
frame what
the mind does to
men in a cage.

No words for
the wardens who
this is the
way it
would be
the lives it
has taken
pales in comparison
to the lives that
could have been


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