Talk Me Down

Be objective
the loose collective me
advises in
these divided

You’re a perfectionist forged from
all your faults,
the CTRL-ALT-F4 of amicability
a photogenic mess past morning
no mirror ever mistakes for

simply unmade.

But no matter
what they’ve called you
(unwanted son)

you weren’t born
standing on mountains but that
don’t mean you
can’t climb one.

Be calm
like a wave
for all this is all
a changing tide

and the land will be fine
when waters withdraw.

But for a
short time you’ll feel
feet gone beneath you
under monsoons of
your making.

broken as you’ve ever been

only now
a positive spin on waiting for your time
to conclude.

You’ll make it,
I promise.

Because these words will see you through.

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