Generation Why Review by David Higgins

Free Verse ReVolution


“Defining a generation more by a feeling than by happenstance of age, Gagnier speaks to those who have grown into lives of comfort but not meaning. In an attack more melancholy than brutal – yet no less effective – he exposes both risk and solution without reducing individuals solely to their generation.

This collection contains 12 poems inspired by the experiences of those born in the United States of America between 1980 and 2000; often labelled Generation Y.

As Gagnier says in his own description of the collection, these children – now reaching, or grown to, adulthood – didn’t have a defining obstacle to their generation: they didn’t start the civil rights movement; they didn’t watch their parents devoured by Vietnam. Without an easily defined, obvious enemy to be the counterpoint to their virtue, they too often drift into a malaise of good enough and slacktivism; they become “a shadow…

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