generation why

Generation Why will be my final anthology.

As was the case with Retkon Poet, this decision does not stem from a desire to stop writing poetry, but to pursue other paths on my personal journey.

Gen Why is the final breath in the Retkon catalogue, the bridge between my former incarnation and my present one.

The journey, from my first assembled collection At War With Water to the mental health focused Ground Zero, then original chapbooks The Killing Wage and Little City fulfilled my dream of being published, even if no traditional publisher would give me the time of day.

Generation Why is the exclamation point on that dream. Unnecessary to complete the sentence, but a middle finger at the odds of it having been legible to begin with.

These five books I consider some of my best work. I’m ready to let history sort out the rest. And it may well never have an ounce more exposure than it does now.

Fuck exposure. Fuck the odds. If you have a dream, seeing it in the flesh will be far more important than who cares you accomplished it. Or how many times over.

I held mine in my hands, and it felt amazing.

Generation Why releases January 18th as a free read. Its physical counterpart, the Deluxe Edition, will release on or shortly after this date.


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