Center Self

Rewind your
appealing layers
for purveyors peddling


an open and shut case airbrushed in
the name of
hatred for form,

flesh worn
like sweaters from the


You are
a treasure trove of bounty in
abandoned coves,

a seashell on

long shorelines I will
guard until we’re old

and crumbling.

Immersed in sand
and throwaway
you showed me to listen for
the water in
my ears,

words I always feared the
waves could speak.

You are a feat surrounding
what’s washed-up and
washed away,
the sole standing
tower of
sand castles’ decay.

I dare say
even seas covet
as much,

old tempers
they feign.

May you
always remember
they’re indentured to

whereas you’re unconfined
wherever your
grains of
beauty draw
their lines in



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