“Generation Why” Excerpt: Break the Internet

generation why
The third and final excerpt from my fifth anthology, out January 16th. I was going to release it November 1st (in between the poems that were cut, SUCH AS THIS ONE), but this may be my favourite work in the book and I didn’t want to wait any longer.
Enjoy 🙂

There’s a hashtag for you and I, between the celebrity we’re not and language we laud in a box that fits so few examples.

There’s ample room for
but you won’t find that
just porn and
peasants who finally have
a platform.

Poets born by
high voltage wards
channeling megabytes into


ink used only
briefly to couple
butterflies and
breezy days
cybernetic change.

A student of its sabotage, I’ve seen men made into gods, dynasties with all the class of dogs, and lightning rods that make any sunny outlook storm.

And I have
laid dormant,
gently hushed my final form,
warned its impact would
wane quickly so
long as they’re

We’re the
dark horse in this race,
tailor-made pound signs put
there to
reserve space.

Were someone to wake
the sleeping
and share it
with dark wastes,

you’d hear
the roar a million miles from the
only corner of the
globe we ever

set out to
claim for ourselves.



NY 10007
Children of my Children
Original Announcement


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